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Be the hero of your organization and your team!

As a former CEO of a non profit organization who was in charge of inviting speakers to come and speak to our team from time to time, I understand the importance and what is on the line of having the right speaker, one that will connect with my audience by delivering a powerful, transformative, fresh talk!

This is why as a Keynote Speaker, I don't take speaking to your team or organization lightly. My promise is that you and your team will be equipped, empowered, inspired when I am done. And they will thank YOU for it!

My LeadThrough Method designed to help assess your situation currently and strategically create a plan to lead forward in productivity and growth of your team and organization.

Awaken. Equip. Empower


Jose Vargas has been studying and teaching leadership and breakthrough methods for the past 15 years. He is a passionate speaker, trainer and former United States Secret Service Officer. Jose shares proven principles that continue to work in his life and in the lives he has been able to reach with his leadership and message. 


He uses stories and insights to leading effectively, while giving you practical steps to creating a culture of passion, inspiration and change.


Jose believes every change in a persons life and organization begins with the leader. 

Keynote Speaker Topics

  • Leaders create breakthroughs
  • The 7 Steps to Results
  • The Resilient Leader
  • The Heart Of A Leader


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