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The LeadThrough Method

I made it all the way up, and then fear rushed in, and I was stuck… and the longer I stayed up there, the more embarrassed I felt.  Have you ever been there?  Stuck in your finances, not clear on your career goals, failed resolutions on your health goals, relationships that are breaking apart, or even your loss of faith. What if nothing changes? What if this is as far as you can go? Somehow, you know there is more, and this is not how your story ends.


You know you don’t have to stay stuck, frustrated, and feeling ashamed. If you want to get breakthroughs in any and every area of your life, you are going to have to lead your life there.


This book is an indispensable handbook with the exact method to get unstuck personally and professionally, lead your life, and get the results you want most!

5 Quick Benefits from Reading This Book...


Find clarity to where you are in life and clarity to what has led you there.


The 4 Pillars of Success you must cultivate


The Step by Step Process to getting results


Gain confidence in yourself to lead your life forward


Articulate what you want most and develop a plan on how to get there

Who is
The LeadThrough Method Book For?

Are you in a career you hate?
A relationship that is about to fall apart?
Finances that need to be restored?

Get out of debt
Lose weight for good!
Start a new career!
Make your relationships solid!
Increase your faith!

Want More Results? Then this book is for you!

About the Author

Jose Vargas is a Leadership Development and Motivational Professional Speaker and coach. Jose’s  “why” is to awaken, empower, and equip leaders to become leaders worth following. Because of his background, he has a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of audiences and leaders, and he is passionate to see transformation in individuals and organizations.


Jose doesn’t just teach theory; he is passionate about the development of people. Jose believes everyone has the ability to change their lives, live out their unique purpose, and contribute to the world.

Jose has served as a United States Secret Service Officer where he graduated president of his class. He has served as president of a non-profit organization and led teams for over fifteen years.

Jose’s unique story, experience, and perspective will bring about insight and clarity to your life, leadership, and your organization.


Learn more about having Jose speak at your next event at

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